Interior Color Changing Heating Panel

Thermochromic ink has always been popular with makers in the e-textile field. Besides changing color by heating up thermochromic ink, I wanted to create a surface that changes color and also generates an intricate pattern while changing color.

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This heating panel includes a 7x7 inch square 3D printed frame with pleated fabric attached to Loomia’s shelf-ready heating panel. When Loomia’s heating panel heats up, painted with thermochromic pigments the textile will change from black to pink. When the heater stops, the fabric will gradually turn back to black if the room temperature is below…

A Hybrid of rigid and flexible.

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Photo by Jeremy Ripley

Many makers and designers have 3D printed on fabric. At Wearable Media, we have also done a few tests. Here is the process and what we found works.

E-Textile Sensor Experiments: combining traditional textile techniques with computer interaction.

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Tufting with Conductive Thread

Punch needle embroidery, one of the tufting methods, may go back as far as ancient Egypt while some believe it developed in medieval Europe. This experiment shows how needle punch tufting with conductive and nonconductive threads can be used to construct sensors. With this technique, designers could integrate e-textile sensors into furniture design, fashion design, carpet design and other interior design applications with capacitive touch, pressure and gesture sensing input.

Sound from

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Image from threeASFOUR

About two months ago, we had our full staff meeting for the brand new Parsons MFA textile program ( at the New School.

There are less than 10 teachers, 17 students for the first semester of this program. We are covering areas from smart textiles, textile embellishment, the business of textile industry and textile histories.

I am in co-teaching with one of the founders of experimental fashion studio, threeASFOUR, Gabriel Asfour for the major studio high-tech textile class. We are leading students to find what kind of technology and interaction they are drawn to. …

Yuchen Zhang

CEO of Wearable Media Studio. Designer, entrepreneur, and educator. Experimenting human-computer interaction through clothing, wearables, and textiles.

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